Birmingham Holiday - Holidays in the City of Birmingham

The famous city and borough of Birmingham is situated in England’s West Midlands and is often thought of as the country’s ‘second city’. A Birmingham holiday is perfect way to experience the vibrant city, with the beautiful country always close by.

Due to its geography and proximity to the River Rea, the area has been a favored place for settlers since the Bronze Age. Later, when the Romans invaded, they erected a fort which no longer exists, but was on the site where the Queen Elizabeth Hospital now stands.

After the Norman Conquest, the area was granted to Lord Peter de Bermingham, whose name reflects one of the 144 recorded spellings of the place. Under his patronage, a small market settlement developed. Being a manor, the rules of trade were somewhat less formal than elsewhere. This proved attractive to many craftsmen who brought their skills and settled in the manor.

Soon Birmingham was producing fine quality metalwork as well as the textiles for which it had become known.

From the metalwork, a major sword making industry took hold, culminating in the production of approximately 15,000 swords for Oliver Cromwell’s army in the 17th century. An increase in the requirements for guns forced the sword industry into decline and the inventive, skilled craftsmen of the area turned their expertise to gun making.

The city of Birmingham grew steadily and was the ideal industrial centre to put into practice the giant strides in technological advancement of the Industrial Revolution. The city is famously remembered for being the birthplace of this age which changed the face of large scale manufacture. While the specific industries fell into sharp decline after the devastation of World War Two, the city has survived by moving with the times and is now a prominent business district for many modern concerns such as software development.

With a wealth of history and being the largest of England’s eight ‘core’ cities, a Holiday in Birmingham is one full with perfect Birmingham Accommodation no matter what kind of trip you have in mind. Due the rich multicultural heritage of the area, a wide variety of cuisines are offered in many award winning restaurants and are sure to provide an excellent beginning to a Holiday in Birmingham in one of the popular night clubs or wine bars.

For the family orientated outing, a Birmingham Holiday offers many cultural treasures including a trip to Cadbury World for a historical tour of the famous chocolatier, no trip to Birmingham would be complete without a trip to the Jewellery Quarter which has been in operation since the 1500s.